“I believe your home should tell your story. What you love most collected and assembled in one place.”

Nate Berkus

Thora was our grandmother and great-grandmother. She was a little, spunky, gracious force to be reckoned with who did cartwheels and farm chores well into her 80’s. She was a woman ahead of her time in so many ways. She was also the first female real estate agent in her area and she broke into an all male industry. Even at the beginning of her career, when she was given the “left over” clients with smaller budgets, she served those clients with great care. She fixed and scrubbed and worked along side them to help them get the sale. Clients came back to her again and again and she became a top selling agent in the valley.

Now… our name, Thorasdatter. Norwegian naming patterns evolved through time but traditionally, children got their surnames from their parents, usually with -ssen/-sson added to the end for boys and -sdatter/-stotter added to the end for girls. It is in the spirit of that tradition that we became Thorasdatter Design. Thora had vision and knew how to seize the day and we are her “datters” just trying to carry that legacy on.

We would love to work with you to make the place you live feel like home. Creating a functional and beautiful home for real living is rewarding to us regardless of the budget. We understand well the need for your home to change in order to serve you well and adapt with every life change. 


Jessey knew she loved space planning and design when she took several classes that included those skills during college in the course of getting her bachelor’s. In the years that followed, she liked to challenge herself with increasingly complex DIY and home decor projects for herself and for others while at home with her young children. Eventually, she remodeled the entire main level of her two-story home and additional remodeling in subsequent other homes. After nearly two decades living in the Midwest, she and her family now reside in the mountain west and enjoy the outdoor recreation and beauty the area offers. 


As a mother of six, Leah spent her days doing what mother’s do while enjoying design projects for friends and family for the last 30 years. Color selection, painting, custom window treatments, and remodeling became her most frequent projects. This served as her creative outlet in between child rearing and teaching childbirth and lactation education for hospitals. She and her husband had the opportunity to design and build a family retreat and her years of experience designing for family and friends allowed her to hone her style and create her own remarkable home in the mountain west.